Call center Webcall

Webcall is a cloud platform for the organization and administration of business directions by telephone of subscribers.

With the help of the platform, it is easy to launch both a mini call center and a professional contact center with a wide range of interaction with subscribers. In addition to live communication with operators, the system allows automatic calling of subscribers with playback of media files and recording of user responses.

sip numbers for call centers: Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell, urban virtual numbers of Ukraine
Call center Ukraine: SIP numbers for the call center, integration with CRM

Advantages of the platform:

  • 100% cloud-based service: all you need is a browser and a headset
  • to make calls
  • Scalability and mobility: adding an operator's workplace or moving it to another computer is a matter of minutes.
  • Simplicity of the interface: intuitive functionality, created on the basis of many years of work with telephony systems
  • Reliability: Cloud-based scanning ensures seamless operation with multi-site redundancy


  • Monitoring the work of operators as in real time.
  • Dashboard: online information about the current system load level, the number of calls received at the same time, calls in the queue, free operators, successful calls in the last hour, etc.
  • Analytics: according to the actions of the entire call center and each individual operator.
  • Working time accounting: complete KPI of each operator.
  • Call statistics with flexible sorting filters.
  • Callback : all missed calls will be automatically connected to the first operator who has left.
  • Click to call is a classic button for ordering a call from the site (optionally connecting the client to the operator directly through the browser, which can significantly save the budget on calls).
  • Auto-dialing: the service calls the subscriber itself and only after that connects to the operator, which ensures the most effective loading of the call center.
  • Smart IVR: call routing and translation, recognition of voice commands, queue based on customer priority and operator experience.
  • API. The ability to integrate with a third-party CRM or manage a call using scripts.


Package functions Start Business Maximum
Record conversations
IVR 1 level 2 level 3 level
Accounting of working hours
Callback for missed calls
Package cost 200 UAH/month 300 UAH/month 700 UAH/month

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