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SIP Hub Ukraine: national telecommunications provider of Ukraine since 2011. A team of specialists with 15 years of experience in the field of IP telephony; during this time, we have implemented many different projects and integrations in the field of telephony and communications in Ukraine and abroad.

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Communication quality

In principle, our services do not use GSM gateways or phone cards - communication is organized exclusively by high-speed Internet highways (according to the SIP protocol). Communication between our servers and operators is carried out by optical fiber, in some cases the type of connection is ISDN PRI. Thanks to this, the quality of connection and communication meets the highest international standards. This type of communication is much more resistant to interference than through the base stations of GSM operators, moreover, thanks to this, we can make any number of the Ukrainian mobile operator multi-channel. You will never face such a common problem as a card blocked by the operator in the GSM gateway - in addition, if the operator has blocked your number for some reason, we will replace it with a new one as soon as possible until the circumstances are clarified.


Our numbers are a simple and convenient replacement for GSM gateways. Taking into account the current prices for gateways (500 UA per gateway for 4 SIM cards), the costs of replenishing cards and the hassle of using them (blocking interruptions in work), the lack of multi-channel - it is not difficult to calculate the savings and reduce the convenience of working with SIP - Numbers. Depending on the volume of services, the cost of a minute of outgoing communication for calls to mobile phones through our channels is from 30 kopecks. - These numbers speak for themselves. Most of the SIP numbers presented by us are charged per second - with even greater savings for conversations. By using any mobile number and multi-channel, multi-channel SIP numbers can be effectively used for call tracking.


Our servers and the main system architecture are located in the largest data centers in Germany. To ensure security, we use a comprehensive approach, so the entire telephony system is built in accordance with the latest international standards of security and privacy of communication.

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