Virtual (cloud) PBX is a service that allows businesses to quickly deploy and configure business telephony with a wide range of functions without serious investments in telephone equipment. Your employees only need a stable Internet for the operation of the virtual PBX.

For the organization of a cloud PBX, we recommend the solution of the Ukrainian IP telephony market leader Streamtelecom. Streamtelecom's time-tested solutions are cost-effective for businesses of any size, are characterized by fast connection, easy configuration and the widest functionality. The service is easily integrated with the most popular CRM systems for business: amoCRM, Bitrix24, 1C, Terrasoft, Megaplan, ArchiDelivery, TallantoProf, My Tourists, etc.

You can use our sip-numbers, as well as sip-numbers of any third-party providers, to receive and make calls in the software PBX.

Virtual PBX: connection conditions, flexible configuration, sip numbers for virtual PBX

Virtual PBX allows:

  • connect all your numbers into a single phone system
  • understand the analytics of telephone communication of the company and its employees
  • analyze recordings of conversations with customers
  • increase the efficiency of employees
  • automate work with various call scenarios

Packages for connection to cloud PBX

Basic Advanced Professional
Basic PBX functions miniCRM Stream Business + Basic package functions StreamCRM + Advanced package features
The maximum number of employees is up to 6 Maximum number of employees: unlimited Maximum number of employees: unlimited
Number of workers: 5 Number of workers: 10 Number of workers: 5
Number of external SIP numbers: 2 Number of external SIP numbers: 6 Number of external SIP numbers: 12
Connection of any SIP number Connection of any SIP number Connection of any SIP number
Call history mini CRM Stream business (customers, pop-up card, click dial, comments) StreamCRM
Call transfer (call transfer) Conference call/video call Customer-Employee automatic binding (super stickiness)
Call pickup (call pickup) Interactive Voice Menu (IVR) A system of control and automatic processing of missed calls
Free calls between employees Integration with Bitrix24 Assessment of employee performance
Call Distribution Client-Employee binding (stickiness) Work with agreements, communications, scheduler
Call parking WebCall - a call from the site Corporate chat for employees
Call forwarding GetClient – call order widget on your site. Connects the employee with the customer who ordered the call. Integration with external data sources: forms on the site, billing systems, etc.
Preventing annoying calls (Auto-Answer) Manage forwarding from your personal account Integration with CRM systems
Conference call Personalized voicemail system with email delivery Telephony in Microsoft Teams — 100 UAH/month per user
The interactive voice menu (IVR) is single-level Incoming call reset and auto-dial — UAH 150/month Stream Phone (iOS, Android) - UAH 50/month per user
Virtual Fax Optimization of outgoing communication costs CallCenter module — 75 UAH/month per user
Support for all popular SIP clients Connection of any SIP number Dynamic number change - UAH 75/month
Additional cost workplace - UAH 15/month Additional cost workplace - UAH 20/month Additional cost workplace - UAH 100/month
The cost of one add. rooms, hryvnias/month - 50 hryvnias/month Additional cost workplace - UAH 20/month Additional cost workplace - UAH 100/month
200 UAH/month 375 UAH/month 650 UAH/month

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