Hidden sip number

Multi-channel hidden sip number. When calling, the phone number is not displayed for the subscriber you are calling; callback is closed.

In addition to the standard use in business telephony, hidden sip numbers have proven themselves well for use in autodialing, marketing, collection activities, sociological surveys, etc.

When connecting to the subscriber's equipment, SIP numbers are connected only to legal entities and business owners for use on the territory of Ukraine (except Crimea and the ATO zone). When connecting via Services of virtual PBXs (Fonet, Ringostat, Streamtelecom, Kyivstar, etc.), connection for individuals is possible.

International ip-telephony in Ukraine: selection of numbers and the lowest tariffs, calls to Europe, the USA and the world
Subscription fee Number of minutes
calls to all destinations in Ukraine
The cost of the minute is over the package
1300 40 cop\min
to all numbers of Ukraine
3000 38 cop\min
to all numbers of Ukraine
8000 37 cop\min
to all numbers of Ukraine

Number displayed when calling: hidden.

Multichannel: by default 5, can be increased upon request.

Callback: closed.

Connection fee: UAH 0.

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