International sip numbers

Multichannel international numbers in sip format will allow your company to work in 65 countries of the world using local numbers. We provide international numbers both for classical use in business (for "direct" contact with your company and presenting it on the international market, placement of numbers on the website, in advertising, etc.), and for mass dialing, marketing research, autodialing services ( in which constant replacement and rotation of local numbers can be useful).

Benefits of use:

  • High quality of connection and communication. We use the best operators of international routes with the most proven solutions.
  • No roaming charges (using our connection you actually call a foreign country at local rates).
  • Our trunks with international calls You can use in your own ip-telephony, which, unlike ordinary calls using a mobile phone, gives access to serious analytics of the call center.
  • The possibility to work remotely with subscribers of the desired country from anywhere in the world. Now all you need for international calls is high-quality Internet. Calls to the Canadian number will easily reach your call center in Zaporizhzhia, or directly to your application on your smartphone when you are on a long-distance business trip - without being tied to your immediate location.

International numbers can be connected to any ip-telephony system: from Asterisk and other options of own call centers to cloud (virtual) PBXs of Binotel, Streamtelecom, Ringostat, etc.

Connection procedure:

  • You contact us and describe the business task for the desired countries
  • We select directions and numbers
  • You pay for the order and, if necessary, pay for the rooms
  • We issue sip numbers for you, configure and send you the settings

The cost of international sip numbers and the price per minute of communication for each country is selected individually based on the request and depends on several factors: the expected volume of calls, the need for fixed or mobile sip numbers, the subject of the call and others.

The minimum prepaid traffic package for 1 month is UAH 900 (international traffic for this amount is included in the package, balances of the package are not carried over to the next month). The cost of renting international numbers is not included in the price of the minimum prepaid traffic package and is paid separately.

When connecting to the subscriber's equipment, SIP numbers are connected only to legal entities and business owners for use on the territory of Ukraine (except Crimea and the ATO zone). When connecting via virtual PBX services (Fonet, Ringostat, Streamtelecom, Kyivstar, etc.), connection for individuals is considered.

International IP-telephony in Ukraine: selection of numbers and low rates, calls to Europe, USA and the world

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