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Depending on the nature of your business and the purpose of calling customers, we can offer two different options for auto-calling. Each of these options is cloud-based, integrates quickly (1-10 business days depending on the type) and requires no client-side software installation and configuration. For help in choosing an auto-dialer, contact our managers.

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Intelligent voice robot

The smartest type of autodialer: a virtual employee of your sales, technical support and HR department who is not subject to the human factor and does not deviate from the script. The service independently makes voice calls to your customers' phones, answers incoming calls, and without exaggeration is able to communicate like a living person. Based on our statistics, in 90% of cases your subscribers do not recognize that they have communicated with a robot - and in others such communication arouses interest and positive emotions. According to experience, the service is perfect for working with premium-class goods and services, where it is important to create and maintain the feeling of an individual and personalized approach for the client.

  • Call according to the schedule (the script calls at the specified time according to the list of subscribers loaded in advance; if the call is not received immediately, it calls back later.)
  • Telephone surveys (organization of telephone surveys without a call center and managers)
  • Informing customers (inform customers about new promotions and news)
  • Automation of logistics (you can inform the client about the status of the delivery through autodialing)

Examples of human communication with an intelligent robot:

Call center with automatic dialing

This service is a mixture of a full-fledged professional live call center and autodialer. Automatic dialing here allows you to reduce the burden on human resources and prepare the basis for live communication.

SIP numbers for autodialing Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell, at the best prices in Ukraine

In this case, the voice assistant allows you to make a preliminary call to the base, find out information, or even identify a need and transfer an already ready client to the operator without burdening the operators.

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