Our solutions:

For marketing and sales

life сип транк, виртуальная атс

The largest selection of IP telephony numbers and channels for marketing, market research and active sales. Multichannel mobile numbers, 044 and “hidden number”, calls with a changing number, call tracking numbers, callback channels - all these tools allow our customers to professionally and accurately configure telephony to ensure maximum conversion.

For taxi services

интертелеком по sip, ip-телефония

As experience shows, the most important aspect for the taxi business is the stability and reliability of communication. The channels Permanent Ukraine with the highest voice quality and average rejection rate of less than 20 minutes per year (they can also be used to callback taxi customers) have proven themselves best.

For credit agencies

лайфселл sip, автообзвон по украине

High conversion for this type of business was shown by multi-channel mobile numbers for incoming calls in combination with the Universal Mobile channels. If you have a collection department in the company, it is advisable to use the Anonymous Ukraine channels to call debtors.

For collection agencies and departments

life sip number, virtual telephone exchange

The maximum conversion was achieved using the channels Universal Mobile (constantly changing numbers) and Anonymous Ukraine (hidden number). It’s best to use the Permanent Ukraine channels (number 044) or Incoming mobile with multi-channel numbers of mobile operators.

For auto dialing

datagroup sip trunk, multichannel vodafon

The channels Permanent Ukraine and Anonymous Ukraine allow for multi-channel auto-calling to all numbers of Ukrainian operators, without limitation by time of day and number of calls. Calls are made with an open number 044 or a hidden number at the request of the customer.

For callback

intertelecom sip connection, cloud PBX

Depending on your goals, you can use the Permanent Ukraine channels for a callback (the constant number 044 is displayed during a call), Universal mobile (random numbers of mobile operators are displayed during a call), Anonymous Ukraine (the number is hidden during a call).