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For marketing and sales

The largest selection of IP telephony numbers and channels for marketing, market research and active sales. Multi-channel mobile numbers, 044 and "hidden number", calls with a variable number, numbers for call tracking, channels for callback - all these tools allow our customers to professionally and accurately configure telephony to ensure maximum conversion.

Kyivstar sip number: connection conditions, selection of virtual numbers

For taxi


As experience shows, the most important aspect for the taxi business is the stability and reliability of communication. The most well-proven channels are "Postyna Ukraine" with the highest quality of voice communication and an average failure rate of less than 20 minutes per year (can also be used for callback to taxi customers).

Vodafone sip number: connection conditions, selection of virtual numbers

For credit agencies

High conversion for this type of business was shown by multi-channel mobile numbers for combined with "Universal Mobile" channels. If the company has a collection department, it is advisable to use "Anonymous Ukraine" channels to call debtors.

city sip numbers of Ukraine: numbers of Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro and other cities

For collection agencies and departments

The maximum conversion was achieved using the channels "Universal mobile" (constantly changing numbers) and "Anonymous Ukraine" (hidden number). To advise clients on debt repayment, it is optimal to use the channels "Permanent Ukraine" (number 044) or "For incoming mobile" with multi-channel numbers of mobile operators.

International numbers: ip-telephony for calls abroad, international calls for call centers

For autodialing

The "Permanent Ukraine" and "Anonymous Ukraine" channels allow you to make multi-channel auto-calls to all numbers of operators in Ukraine, without restrictions on the time of day and the number of calls. Calls are made with the open number 044 or with a hidden number at the request of the customer.

Internet calls to Europe: virtual numbers of Poland, France, Romania, Great Britain, Germany and other countries

For callback

Depending on the set goal for callback, you can use the channels "Permanent Ukraine" (when calling, the permanent number 044 is displayed), "Universal mobile" (when calling, random numbers of mobile operators are displayed), "Anonymous Ukraine" (number hidden during a call).

Numbers for calls to the USA, Canada, Asia: number selection, registration assistance

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