IP (cloud) PBX is a service that allows businesses to quickly deploy and configure telephony with wide functionality without serious investment in telephone equipment. To ensure communication in such services, only the Internet is needed (communication is carried out using the sip protocol).

For the organization of virtual telephone exchanges, we recommend the solutions of the leaders of the Ukrainian telephony market and our partners Ringostat and Phonet. Both options are time-tested, and are available for Ukrainian businesses of any size, they are distinguished by quick connection, easy setup and the broadest functionality. Both services are easily integrated with the most popular CRM systems for business: amoCRM, Bitrix24, 1C, Terrasoft, Megaplan, ArchiDelivery, TallantoProf, MyTourists and so on.

To receive and make calls in software PBX you can use our sip numbers and trunks, as well as sip trunks of any third-party providers. For our customers, when connecting a virtual PBX Ringostat, we provide a 5-15% discount on the cost of a minute for sip trunks «Permanent Ukraine», «Lifecell Mobile Ukraine», «Anonymous Ukraine», «Mobile Ukraine (outgoing)».

An important feature of both services: a personal manager assigned to the subscriber. In the event of a technical or financial problem, you will not have to re-provide all the details to the next manager with whom you contacted.

Attention! Do not try to choose a virtual PBX "by eye" yourself! Contact us, we will help you answer all your questions and choose the provider and PBX configuration that is optimal for your business.

  • IP PBX Ringostat is especially indispensable for companies with the prospect of expansion, mast scaling, and of course online sales. Credo Ringostat - analytics, analytics, and again analytics!

    IP PBX functionality Ringostat

    • Flexible setting of rules for incoming and outgoing calls: according to your business needs, you yourself choose which numbers and sip-operators are used for call routes. Voice menus in several levels for the distribution of calls by department.
    • Access 24 \ 7: configure various options for processing calls depending on the time of day or day of the week. If necessary, set up call forwarding of clients to the personal mobile number of managers.
    • Reducing missed calls: the queue system allows you to automatically distribute calls during periods of maximum load. Lists of missed calls are sent to an e-mail or SMS manager for the most prompt response and chime.
    • Black list: for especially annoying sellers of goods you do not need;)
    • Synchronization with CRM: automatically add call records and other information from the cloud PBX to the transaction, link to the lead.
    • Email reports: the most “favorite” reports with the specified frequency will automatically come to your mail.
    • Call recording: to control the communication of managers, training interns and employees.

    Ringostat Smart Phone- a smart phone for a virtual PBX in the Google Chrome browser.

    • Call by click on the phone number on the page
    • Hold a call, mute your voice when necessary
    • Pop-up customer data for an incoming call (when integrating with CRM). Switch to the customer’s card in 1 click.
    • The classic “transfer” of a call to another employee
    • Push notifications for incoming calls when the browser is minimized
    • Sending SMS (when connecting InfoBip)

    Ringostat Insider - information assistant for the sales manager.

    • Instant and maximally complete statistics on the caller - who and where is calling (geodata), how many pages have been viewed, how many times and how often has been on your site.
    • Which pages were most interesting to the interlocutor
    • Source of lead - which particular advertising campaign brought it to you (down to the keyword)
    • Real-time tracking of website traffic
    • “Magic Ringostat” - the ability to call a client with whom you previously spoke, at the moment when he again went to the site.

    The cost of a virtual PBX Ringostat - from 999 UAH\month. (depending on the package configuration)

  • Tariffs for virtual PBX Phonet

    Package features Team Company Corporation Custom version
    Number of users 1-10 1-25 25+ 4+
    Internal numbers of employees 6 10 25 4
    Connected Trunks 3 6 12 Unlimited
    Call recording
    Call History
    (by employee)
    Raw Missed Call List
    Company Call Statistics
    Campaign Analysis System
    Employee Performance Indicators
    Setting access permissions for employees
    Email voicemail
    Transfer and call parking
    Call Reception Scenarios
    Call Forwarding
    to your mobile or home phone. number
    Interactive Voice Menu (IVR) One level
    Function "Auto reset incoming call
    and auto redial"
    Sending SMS from your personal account
    Integration with Skype (calls abroad
    at Skype-business tariffs)
    Client-Employee Binding
    Call Catcher widget order
    call for your site
    Promoting (hint to the employee,
    inaudible to the client)
    Mini CRM Phonet (contacts, customer pop-up card)
    Integration with Bitrix24, 1C, AmoCRM, Megaplan, etc.
    Free Voice Greeting Recording 15 сек. 30 сек. 60 сек. 100 сек.
    Additional user
    (beyond those provided in the package)
    +15 грн. +20 грн. +15 грн. +2100 грн.
    Additional number
    (in excess of those provided in the package)
    +30 грн. +30 грн. +30 грн. Бесплатно
    Package cost 196 грн/мес 399 грн/мес 798 грн/мес 8 400 грн

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