Action in support of Ukrainian business

SIP Hub Ukraine announces the business support program during the war. We offer volunteer organizations, charitable foundations and all companies connected with the support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian people during the war, significant discounts on communication for ip-telephony (up to 40% on the cost of a minute of outgoing communication).

In addition, for such companies, we provide free consulting in the organization of ip-telephony: help in choosing a provider of a virtual PBX, setting up auto-dial based on subscriber bases, organization of call centers and support services with employees working remotely.

Also, in connection with the gradual integration into the European Union and the significant weakening of economic borders, Ukrainian business has received great opportunities in international markets. Such business processes often require a local telephone number of the country in which the activity is conducted. To support domestic entrepreneurs who are just starting work abroad and implementing IP telephony for this purpose, SIP Hub Ukraine introduces promotional conditions when connecting international communication. Yes, when connecting international sip-numbers, we provide discounts of 20-40% on the monthly cost of your Ukrainian sip-numbers and connections (the exact amount of the discount is considered individually after the application).

"Many of our entrepreneurs have yet to realize the real opportunities that open up to them with affordable Ukrainian IP-telephony and easy access to European markets for goods and services," says Yevgeny Saenko, CEO of SIP Hub Ukraine. - We are happy to record already existing and largely successful business requests to move in this direction and will make maximum efforts to facilitate and simplify such integrations for our clients."

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