SIP trunks of Intertelecom (review of SIP trunks of Ukraine)

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The national operator Intertelecom provides voice services over SIP in 2 versions: SIP numbers and multi-channel SIP trunks (represented by the city and mobile operator numbers). Since the specialization of our site is precisely corporate ip-telephony, we first consider multi-channel SIP trunks , which are most often used for organizing business activities and call centers.

Both operator SIP-trunks (with city and mobile numbers) - have the same technical conditions for connection. The claimed multichannel in terms of volume is quite acceptable - the operator promises from 3 to 100 lines in the trunk (as a rule, this is enough even for large call centers - in which case you can always buy an additional trunk).

The tariffs for calls within the Intertelecom network are free (which, in general, is a small plus, since the operator’s market share in Ukraine is low - it is in 4th place in Ukraine in terms of the number of subscribers among mobile operators, and in comparison with it the top three lead by a wide margin).

Tariffs for outgoing calls to landline numbers in Ukraine vary from 0.4 to 0.65 UAH. per minute (over the base package); tariffs for outgoing calls to mobile numbers in Ukraine also depending on the package range from 0.4 to 0.65 UAH. per minute (over the base package). For comparison: tariffs for outgoing calls to all numbers of Ukraine through the Permanent Ukraine trunk range from UAH 0.37 to 0.4. (over the basic package, 044 numbers are used for calls), and tariffs for outgoing calls to all Ukrainian numbers through the Lifecell Ukraine trunk are from 0.4 to 0.44 UAH (in excess of the basic package, calls are made using Lifecell + mobile numbers to Lifecell mobile numbers the cost of an outgoing call will be 0.3 UAH).

intertelecom sip

By default, SIP trunks are connected by ip-address, but perhaps there is an option to connect using login / password or two-factor authorization.

intertelecom sip

The service SIP number of the Intertelecom operator, judging by the description and technical conditions, is designed primarily for individuals using private mobile phones and experiencing the need for permanent or temporary transfer of their number to SIP. The connection is single-channel, which most often involves the direct use of end devices (softphones or ip-phones), and not corporate IP-telephony systems. When calling through a SIP number, standard voice tariffs for this package are used. The service is connected by login / password, with activation by sending an SMS message to the specified number. Connection security is ensured by binding to one ip-address - when connecting with the same username / password from another address, the connection at the previous address is terminated.

Today, as of March 2020, Intertelecom is the only mobile operator in Ukraine that officially offers its mobile numbers in SIP format.

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